One-of-a-Kind Dinosaur Specimen Discovered in China Offers View Into Dinosaur-Bird Evolution – SciTechDaily

Wulong bohaiensis. The skeleton described in the new paper is remarkably complete. The name means “Dancing Dragon” in Chinese and was named in part to reference its active pose. Credit: Ashley Poust
San Diego Natural History Museum paleontologist describes a… [+6005 women\’s health]

You Won’t Believe How Many People Retire Sooner Than They’d Like to – The Motley Fool

Retirement is a milestone that many people plan for diligently. But sometimes, the best-laid plans can be upended when life throws a curveball your way. The result? You might wind up retiring sooner than you’re ready to, which really isn’t a good thing at all… [+2982 Chopard’s]

2020 AFC Championship Game odds, line: Titans vs. Chiefs picks, optimal predictions from expert who’s 22-11 – CBS Sports

The Titans will try to punctuate a stunning turnaround with a trip to the 2020 Super Bowl when Tennessee visits Arrowhead Stadium to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2020 AFC Championship Game on Sunday. The Titans are 10-7 against the spread this season, w… [+4455 women\’s health]

2 Megatrends to Watch Over the Next Decade, and How to Profit From Them – Motley Fool

The biggest winners in the stock market are often driven by megatrends.
These are new technologies, and other demographic or macroeconomic developments, that drive massive changes in business. Think video streaming and Netflix, e-commerce and Amazon, or mobi… [+5380 Chopard’s]

Why getting enough vitamin D in wintertime is so important – The Washington Post

I am a medical microbiologist and immunologist who studies the functions of vitamin D in immune cells. My laboratory has been interested in figuring out why the immune system has vitamin D receptors that determine which cells can use vitamin D. In the immune … [+4215 women\’s health]

Top progressives back Sanders as skirmish with Warren rumbles on – The Guardian

In a move touted by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a really big deal, a key progressive member of Congress endorsed Bernie Sanders for president on Sunday, building on Ocasio-Cortezs own endorsement and others.
Representative Pramila Jayapal of W… [+3896 Chopard’s]

Senate Democrat says ‘fine’ if Hunter Biden were to testify in impeachment trial – CNN

Washington (CNN)Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown on Sunday said it would be “fine” if Senate Republicans requested Hunter Biden as a witness in the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump in exchange for House Democrats’ requested witnesses.
Brown, tho… [+1314 Disney’s]

How U.S. Firms Helped Africa’s Richest Woman Exploit Her Country’s Wealth – The New York Times

The Sonangol account was with the Portuguese arm of Banco BIC, where she was the biggest shareholder. Shunned by global banks, the couple increasingly relied on the Angolan lender, which has a big office in Lisbon steps from her apartment. In 2015, Portuguese… [+1723 Disney’s]

In with Galaxy S20, out with the Galaxy S11? Samsung shouldn’t miss its chance to shake up the brand – CNET

Samsung’s next phone may not be called the Galaxy S11 after all.
Angela Lang/CNET
Samsung can credit the Galaxy S line with securing its place as the world’s top smartphone brand. But after more than a decade, rumors say the company is almost certainly shak… [+4761 Disney’s]